Episode #01

Tales of Tempe Tip

At the edge of St Peters, in Sydney’s inner west, is the renowned Tempe Tip op shop. Vanessa visits it in the past and the present to see what she can find there.

Episode #02

Clyde to Carlingford

A final trip along Sydney’s least-used railway line, before its closure.

Episode #03

The West Side and the Mona Lisa

Among the busy shopping streets of Marrickville in the inner west are two buildings stuck in time: the West Side Theatre and the Mona Lisa Photo Studio.

Episode #04

Greystanes Aqueduct

In the western suburb of Greystanes, a disused aqueduct forms a surprising parkland, where nature, infrastructure and suburbia meet.

Episode #05

Living Postcard

Unlike busy Circular Quay below it, the Cahill Walkway is usually deserted of people, and is a peaceful, if not quiet, place from which to contemplate the city.

Episode #06

Red Sun, White Air

The catastrophic summer bushfires saw a pall of smoke over Sydney, a tangible reminder of climate emergency.